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Thread: MpegTv's Updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evileyes View Post
    [23.11.2019] mpegtv/slave (r242)
    - web: added channels and servers json output.
    - web: moved channelList from static html page to javascript code (test before moving all pages to js)
    - added channel mass edit/delete/pause...
    - added auto refresh channel page.
    - web: added import channel from m3u8 file.
    - fixed hls output.
    - slave: speedup database loading.
    version 227 this also after tested mag 322 connection problem

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    [06.12.2019] mpegtv/slave (r294)
    - added series infos in player_api
    - added series and logos in enigma2.
    - fixed bouquet/category editor.
    - fixed web post replies.
    - fixed web pages (restream/channel/vod)
    - fixed portal.
    - fixed HLS output.
    - added slave/mpegtv update from panel (after this update you dont need to login via ssh to update your files)
    - fixed stream selection algorithm
    - streams with priority 100+ have streaming priority on other streams.
    - fixed freeze when using max-connected streams to 1
    - added streams/clients detailed infos
    - fixed loadbalance.
    - fixed max streams connections per restreamer.
    - fixed mpegtv/slave connection.
    - fixed internal functions.
    - many bug fixes.

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